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Eight & Bob – Megeve 100ML

Eight & Bob – Megeve 100ML

Eight & Bob

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Megeve... a charming ski town nestled between France and Switzerland, and a historic playground for the young, beautiful and affluent. Here in the thirties, during the birth of skiing as a pastime for the social elite, Albert Fouquet met the beautiful young Austrian girl Annicke. Hours of conversation beside the fireplace, laughter and dancing, led to a firm promise to meet again. Fouquet wanted to hold on to his memories of that evening without forgetting any part of the magic of Megève: the smell of the mountain air and the wood burning in the fireplace, the ambience created by that exclusive party.

Eight & Bob's Nuit de Megeve opens with alpine freshness, crisp notes of grapefruit and gently tart petitgrain that flow smoothly into the warm spice of an apres-ski chalet... think notes of clove, coffee and vetiver. As it dries, a radiantly musky tobacco note exudes suave confidence, evoking fireside revelry that lasts deep into the night. Smooth, sophisticated and self-assured, Nuit de Megeve is a scent for gentleman who appreciates the finer things in life.

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