Gretel Corrie Ceramics

who are you:
I’m Gretel Corrie, 26, I live in Bondi and work in a shared studio based in Chippendale.

what do you do:
Making my own ceramics is the #1 priority but to keep me off the streets I also work for another ceramic designer and in a restaurant/bar.

why do you do it:
I make ceramics because I love them. I love owning them, using them, admiring them and believe that functional, handmade ceramics are delightful and bring a little joy to the everyday.

what inspires you:
Nature, wild flowers, adventures beyond the city and of course some super talented friends.

what is the hardest thing about what you do:
Handing all your hard work over to the mercy of the kiln gods and not knowing what’s going to happen 24 hours and 1000+ degrees later.

what would you tell your younger self:
Start saving – kilns are expensive!

if you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing:
Possibly something with plants or flowers or hopefully something else creative.

what makes you happy:
All the good things! Art, collecting and making ceramics, plants, dogs and overalls.

final statement:
Thank you curators collective for including me in your lovely store.